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Virtual NIST Risk Management Framework Lab Established by Mission Critical Institute

Mission Critical Institute announced today the establishment of the first cloud-based NIST Risk Management Framework Lab. The lab provides member cyber employers a reliable pipeline of job-ready risk management talent. Students enrolled at member universities produce NIST RMF deliverables for all six steps under the mentorship of expert cyber risk management practitioner faculty.

Reston, VA (PRWEB) December 21, 2015 – Mission Critical Institute announced today the establishment of the first and only cloud-based NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) Lab which is powered by Cyber-Recon to address the accelerating shortage of job-ready cybersecurity risk management professionals.

Cyber employers who join the NIST RMF Lab consortium gain access to mid-career students who have acquired extensive NIST RMF experience. These students have completed NIST RMF projects and deliverables under the supervision of leading cyber risk management practitioners.

Using this cloud-based system and the NIST RMF, students produce a cyber risk management project portfolio and earn and employer reference upon successful completion of their program. Only students from universities certified by Mission Critical Institute may participate at this cloud-based NIST RMF lab.


Mission Critical Institute addresses the accelerating shortage of qualified, job ready cybersecurity professionals by assisting selected universities to offer virtual specialized, online, project-driven curricula designed to produce to mid- to senior job-ready cybersecurity professionals for the public and private sectors. Mission Critical Institute provides this support by licensing cutting-edge cybersecurity curriculum to these universities which enable students to acquire cybersecurity project experience, graduate certificates and degree, ANSI accredited certifications and cybersecurity employer references. For its partner universities, Mission Critical Institute certifies expert practitioner cybersecurity faculty to teach the licenses curriculum. Mission Critical Institute also recommends student candidates it has determine can effectively complete the curriculum. The certified faculty members serve federal agencies, federal contractors and private-sector employers.

Mission Critical Institute is headquartered in the National Capital Region which has experienced the most rapid growth of cybersecurity employment in the U.S.
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