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In order to enhance and expand our services to the cybersecurity community, MCI has formed several key strategic partnerships. These alliances help MCI community members to advance their cybersecurity careers, facilitate cybersecurity thought leadership and address the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

AESIR Group International

The AESIR Group and MCI are partnering to prepare veterans and IT professionals for advancement in the cybersecurity sector. The AESIR Group is a cleared facility and supports the MCI mission through its training capabilities and its industrial security capabilities.


CyberDefenses and MCI have established a partnership in order to help veterans and IT professionals to advance in the cybersecurity sector. CyberDefenses contributes to this effort through its Cyber Talent Development Center where participants can acquire supervised, practical experience securing computer systems.  In addition, through its Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) participants may then acquire other valuable “real-world” cybersecurity experience.

Alliance for India U.S. Business (AUSIB)

MCI is partnering with the Alliance for U.S. Business to help link U.S institutions of higher education with their Indian counterparts. These linkages help to prepare additional students and practitioners for advancement in the cybersecurity profession and thus help to address the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals.

Information Security Community

MCI is partnering with the Information Security Community (ISC), the largest global community of cybersecurity professionals in the industry, to help its membership advance their cybersecurity careers. ISC connects its 180,000+ membership with peers, opportunities and ideas in the cybersecurity sector. Members are involved in using, designing, deploying, purchasing, and/or selling information security solutions. Thus, ISC is able to attract a growing membership and facilitate discussions about cutting edge cybersecurity trends and best practices. Topics have included compliance, encryption, anti-virus, malware, cloud security, data protection, hacking, network security, virtualization and more.

National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI)

MCI and NVTI are partnering to prepare veterans for advancement in the cybersecurity profession. NVTI provides training to the U.S. Department of Labor and other governmental and corporate clients to assist their staff members in effectively supporting veterans transitioning into their organizations.


MCI and TECHEXPO are partnering to address the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. For the past 20 years, TECHEXPO has provided IT and cybersecurity professionals with a forum to advance their careers. As the nation’s premier producer of professional job fairs for cybersecurity and cleared professionals, it serves over 525 employers and 160,000 professionals. Moreover, TechExpoUSA.com is the nation’s leading online career center, where defense contractors, technology companies, consulting firms and numerous agencies of the U.S. government can virtually recruit and hire experienced cleared professionals.

World Education Group (WEgroup)

WEgroup and MCI are partnering to facilitate and foster affiliations between U.S. higher education institutions and their international counterparts in order to address the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. WEgroup is a U.S.-based international education services firm certified by the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC). Their nearly 70 public and private partner universities include the University of Tennessee, Indiana State University, Arcadia University, High Point University and 32 campuses of the State University of New York System (SUNY).

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