How do I pick the best cybersecurity graduate program for me?: Part 2

So how do you choose the cybersecurity graduate program that’s right for you?

The best cybersecurity career program is the one that most rapidly and cost-effectively executes you’re cybersecurity career plan to achieve you’re objectives. You also want a program with enrollment advisors who are highly knowledgeable in cybersecurity career path options and can advise you appropriately.

Mission Critical Institute (Mission Critical Institute) continually researches cybersecurity career trends to determine how you can rapidly move up or into high-demand cybersecurity career paths. We identify hot niches in cybersecurity that can rapidly propel you’re career.

For example, one of the hottest cyber career trends today is in cloud security. Intel Security predicts that 80% of IT budgets will be devoted to cloud services by 2018, but employers are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill positions. A key element in cloud security is risk management. The federal government, the financial services sector, cloud service providers, the health care sector and IoT all must content with managing cloud security risks.

If you decide to pursue cloud security risk management opportunities, you may find Mission Critical Institute guidelines for the ideal cybersecurity graduate program useful. These guidelines recommend programs that possess these seven features:

1. Combines coursework, relevant, job-ready projects and internships so students graduate with real-world experience that follows them into the workplace
2. Embeds preparation for the most desirable cybersecurity certifications – such as the CISSP, CEH and CAP – into the program
3. Is taught by leading cyber practitioners who expand you’re professional network and know what employers are looking for
4. Offers stackable credentials, where completion of core courses results in graduate certificates that make you cyber career-ready and that you can apply toward a cyber MBA or master of science in information systems (MSIS)
5. Enables students to complete the program 100% online, accessible 24/7, with ample access to faculty
6. Provides cyber-focused career support for you’re resume and LinkedIn profile, with accomplishments and employer references
7. Offers a tuition reimbursement program with cash awards based on academic performance
Mission Critical Institute identifies high-quality universities as its cybersecurity partners and recommends qualified students to these partners. In the cloud security sector, Mission Critical Institute has partnered with Baker College to offer Cloud Security Risk Management MSIS and MBA programs — the only online programs of their kind in the U.S.

The Baker cloud security graduate programs offer all seven features of the ideal cybersecurity graduate program set forth above. The Baker programs’ flexibility lets students earn a degree from anywhere in the world while working full-time. Plus, the curriculum is based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and FedRAMP recommended industry standards and best practices for managing cloud security risks, which are used in 50% of U.S. organizations.

To take the next step in you’re cybersecurity career planning and learn whether the Cloud Security Risk Management career path will meet you’re career objectives, get in touch with an Mission Critical Institute Cybersecurity Career Architect. You can schedule a consultation by clicking here.