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Higher Education Can Address the Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

Over 150,000 New U.S. Cybersecurity Jobs/Year through 2017*
Over 400,000 New Global Cybersecurity Jobs/Year through 2017*

The daunting cybersecurity staffing shortages confronting public and private sector employers today present a huge workforce development opportunity for higher education institutions that respond by producing job-ready cybersecurity professionals, for gainful employment.

Moreover, the National Intelligence Estimate describes cyber threats as #1 of all U.S. national security challenges. Cyber-attacks, security breaches, compliance challenges and new technologies (e.g., BYOD, social media, mobile security, and cloud security) continually fuel the demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals. Thus, public and private sector employers compete for trained cybersecurity staff, particularly those who hold a security clearance and U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD)-8570 compliant certification. Yet, according to a Booz Allen study, fewer than 4000 students were enrolled in cybersecurity-related academic programs in the U.S.

Clearly, for an enterprising higher education institution all of these factors combine to present a compelling opportunity to diversify programs, improve brand identity, increase enrollments, and even provide a feeder for existing graduate and degree completion programs– all while addressing a national priority.

Grow and Diversify Your Enrollment with MCI Cybersecurity Programs

The MCI team has developed and delivered high quality, cybersecurity certification preparation and graduate degree programs. We have efficiently and effectively served 12,000+ U.S. and international adult learners seeking cybersecurity certifications, training and/or degrees, achieving high student satisfaction.

As an MCI academic partner your institution can:

  • Rapidly increase enrollments
  • Diversify tuition revenue sources (through employer sponsored students, international students and veterans) to meet 90/10 compliance requirements
  • Exceed gainful employment standards by producing job-ready, cybersecurity professionals
  • Achieve cost-containment and better outcomes with highly efficient digital marketing and higher retention of online students

Learn how your institution can produce job-ready cybersecurity professionals here.

Your Institution Can Produce Job-Ready Cybersecurity Professionals for Gainful Employment

Cybersecurity Career Path Focused Advancement Program

Universities utilize MCI programs to help IT professionals enter the expanding cybersecurity field and to continue to advance along the cybersecurity career path. Our programs were designed for universities to:

  • Help IT professionals, including veterans, become cybersecurity job-ready
  • Provide veterans and other IT professionals project experience through virtual practicum/internships
  • Help employers cost-effectively reduce the shortage of job-ready cybersecurity professionals

To offer these programs, universities can utilize MCI certified expert cybersecurity practitioner faculty and practitioner-oriented cybersecurity curriculum to provide cybersecurity certification preparation and job relevant education and training. MCI licensed programs provide the following key tools to its partners:

  • DoD 8570 compliant certification preparation (e.g., Certified Ethical Hacking, CISSP, CAP)
  • Relevant cybersecurity project experience
  • Cybersecurity practitioner-taught and developed training

Learn how your institution can produce job-ready cybersecurity professionals here.

* 2013 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study

Achieve Thought Leadership Status by Sponsoring Cybersecurity Best Practices Surveys

Build Your Brand by Sponsoring Cybersecurity Studies with MCI

To achieve cybersecurity thought leadership recognition cybersecurity higher education institutions sponsor cybersecurity best practices studies through surveys conducted by MCI.

Best practices surveys focus on the latest trends in cybersecurity including technology, threat, policy, compliance and careers. By sponsoring this research and disseminating its results, organizations advance cybersecurity thought leadership within their own communities while also forging ties with the 200K+ MCI Cybersecurity Community.

MCI assists sponsors with:

  • Selecting noteworthy survey topics
  • Survey design
  • Survey testing
  • Survey distribution
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Generating survey report
  • Disseminating report to the community
  • Webinar presentation of best practices results

Learn more about sponsoring cybersecurity best practices research here.

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