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Accelerating Demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

Over 150,000 New U.S. Cybersecurity Jobs/Year through 2017*
Over 400,000 New Global Cybersecurity Jobs/Year through 2017*

Fill Your Cybersecurity Openings:

Access a Reliable Pipeline of Cybersecurity Professionals through our Unique Programs

Employers who confront daunting cybersecurity staffing challenges can now access a reliable pipeline of cybersecurity career-ready professionals to help meet their needs. Our pipeline taps the MCI community of 100,000 + veterans, IT professionals and cybersecurity professionals.

Veterans Cybersecurity Career Advancement Program (VCCAP)

MCI developed the Veterans Cybersecurity Career Advancement Program (VCCAP) to enable veterans to enter the lucrative cybersecurity sector and to continue to advance in their careers. The program was designed to:

  • Help veterans become cybersecurity career-ready
  • Provide veterans (and employers) a “try before you buy” internship
  • Help veterans advance in the highly-compensated cybersecurity sector
  • Help employers cost-effectively reduce the shortage of job-ready cybersecurity professionals by hiring qualified, trained veterans

Moreover, in order to achieve these goals, MCI enables university partners to offer virtual cybersecurity practicum/internships, with expert cybersecurity practitioner faculty and practitioner-oriented cybersecurity curriculum to provide cybersecurity certification preparation and job relevant education and training.

Learn how to access your pipeline of job-ready cybersecurity professionals here.

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